Auction Types

When most people think of auctions, they picture a live auction that takes place on a single day. But these days, there are more options than ever that can make the process more convenient and open the bidding up to buyers all over the world. As the seller, it’s up to you to decide which auction setting and timeline is the best fit for your liquidation needs.

Live On-Location & Webcast

Simultaneous On-Location and Online Webcast auctions are the most exciting auction type. Interested buyers are able to physically preview the assets at the on-site location where they are located and participate in a bidding environment that is electrically charged by a professional auctioneer.

The Webcast brings the dynamic auction floor to remote bidders and allows potential buyers from anywhere, to participate in the live auction, real-time and bid, along with and against individuals bidding in person.

Live Online Webcast-Only

Live Online Webcast-Only auctions are conducted by an auctioneer and allow remote clients to bid online in real time, on items from anywhere in the world. Live Online Webcast auctions help sellers to transcend local market conditions and achieve national Fair Market Value for their assets.

Timed Online-Only

Timed Online-Only auctions are easy to use and are an effective way to attract buyers from across the nation and abroad to engage in bidding. They provide sellers easy exposure to expanded markets, and allow buyers from anywhere, with Internet access to bid and buy used equipment and assets.

Sellers’ items are listed individually as part of the sales catalog and bidders bid against each other in real time.

This style auction provides flexibility in scheduling and timing, and site inspections can be conveniently scheduled. Travel by the bidder is not necessary and they can bid at ease from home or office. The sale closes (finishes) at a given time on a given day and all lots are sold with no reserves.

The auction experts at Myron Bowling Auctioneers are happy to sit down with you and help you weigh the advantages of each auction type, and determine the timing that works best for you. For help deciding what type of auction is right for you, please give us a call.

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