How do I remove my purchased equipment?

Check each auction for the specific removal dates, times and requirements. Generally you can begin removing your items as soon as the auction ends. Removal continues for as long as necessary, usually 1 to 2 weeks. Myron Bowling staff is on-site during this period. We provide a list of independent riggers that you can contract with to remove your equipment. Our employees do not provide any packing/crating, shipping or rigging services. Anyone using a powered vehicle to move items, whether they are a rigger or a buyer, must have a certificate of insurance on file in the amount of $1,000,000.

Please remember:
• No item may be removed until the last item has been sold.
• No removal may begin until payment in full has been made.
• We reserve the right to delay the removal on any item until we talk to your bank.
• We will stay for at least one hour following the auction to allow for removal of small items. 
• All items must be removed by the date posted at the auction site or be subject to storage charges and other fees.

No refunds or adjustments will be made once items have been removed from the property. All refunds or adjustments are solely at the discretion of the auction company. Small items left longer than 24 hours are not subject to refunds.

Following the auction, we will provide security during the entire removal period. However, we will guard small items for the first 24 hours only. All claims must be made at the site and must be reported to a representative of Myron Bowling Auctioneers.

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