Why Auctions Are a Smart Choice

Industrial auctions are more popular than ever, with a growing number of companies exploring the advantages of selling unneeded equipment and other assets either through a live, on-site auction or an online-only auction. Frequently, they’re able to get higher prices in less time than they would otherwise.

Competitive bidding: Buyers are influenced by the energetic atmosphere and get caught up in bidding competition. They’re forced to make an immediate decision instead of playing a waiting game with the seller.

Broader customer reach:
Auctions reach a larger number of interested, qualified buyers and are more widely publicized than most sales. This has the potential to drive prices up beyond local or regional conditions.

Fast liquidity:
Sellers receive immediate cash for their assets and rid themselves of unwanted equipment, reducing taxes and maintenance/carrying costs. They know exactly when their assets will be sold.

Get more with the industrial auction experts

BETTER DEALS: We’re willing to pay top dollar for your assets to win your business.

MORE EFFECTIVE MARKETING: We use proven tactics to promote your auction to tens of
thousands of qualified prospects in your industry.

PROFESSIONALISM: Our staff is highly experienced—some have been with us more than 30
years. Together, we make sure your auction runs smoothly and efficiently.

PERSONAL ATTENTION: You deal directly with our principals, meaning we’re able to check in
with you often and provide immediate responses. You’ll never get lost in the crowd.

FAIR SELLING: We’re known for fair buyer opportunities—no holdbacks or other games—that
attract more serious customers.

To learn more about the types of auctions available, read Auction Types.

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