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Grupo LEAC - MBA México

June 12, 2024

Av. Patria 1501 Col
Jardines Universidad, 45136 Zapopan, Jal.

Featuring: CBS, BOGE, & INGERSOLL Air Compressors ITOSAN & HARRIS Magnetronic Guillotines • GAMMERLER Sheet Refining System • XINXIANG Book Binding Machine • NEWS KING Rotary Printing Machine • MAN ROLAND Flat Press Printing Machine • MAN ROLAND Rotary Printing Machines • CMM Gas Afterburner Oven• HEIDELBERG Foliator • PGE Sheet Stacker • More •

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LEAC Group
Av. Patria #1501-Interior 1
Jardines Universidad, 45110
Zapopan, Jal.

Myron Bowling Auctioneers México, Inc.
RE: Av. Patria #1501-Interior 1
Jardines Universidad, 45110
Zapopan, Jal.

General Liability - $1,000,000 each occurrence 
$2,000,000 General Aggregate 
Business Auto - $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit

Removal begins the next morning and on all weekdays from 8AM to 5PM.
Last day for removal day TBD
Anyone, either a buyer or rigger, who uses a powered vehicle to remove anything from the auction site, will need a certificate of insurance. 





CBS air compressor, Model 1555350, Serial No 1609204, Year 2016, 208-230/460V, Features 15 hp Weg motor, pressure 175 Lb/in2, tank capacity 500 liters.

BOGE Air Compressor, Model ND, Serial No. FB48057, Year 2000, 400V, 15 hp Boge motor, pressure 175 Lb/in2, tank capacity 1000 liters.

CBS Air Compressor, Model 5120531, Serial No. 506243531, Year 2005, 208-230/460V, 5 hp Weg motor, pressure 12.32 kg/cm2, tank capacity 500 liters.

INGERSOLL RAND Air Compressor, Model 7100E15V, Serial No. 811240099, Year 2005, 230/460V, Ingersoll Rand 15 hp motor, pressure 175 psig, tank capacity 120 gallons.

HANGCHA Gas seated man forklift capacity 2.5 tons, Model CPQD25N, Serial number 110950447, Year 2011, Rough tires, Maximum height mast 6 m approx, Forks approx 48" long, 13,380 hours of use.

RYOBI flatbed printer, Model 2800CB, Serial No. 17629, Year 1982, 220V, One ink printing.
MBO 750 x 520 mm format folding machine, Model T52, Serial No. 890911935, Year 1984, 220V, 4 folds, speed 6000 folds per hour.

BAUMFOLDER 26 x 40 cm format folding machine, Model 726B, Serial No. SL4180, Year 1984, 220V, Format 26 x 40 cm, Speed 5000 to 7000 folds per hour, Includes 1 Module of 13 x 26 cm; 1 Module of 26 x 26 cm.

MBO 750 x 1250 MM Format Bending Machine, Model B30, Serial No. G12/10, Year 1984, 220V, 6000 folds per hour, Includes 2 Bending Modules and 1 Receiver Module.

HORIZON INTERNATIONAL INC Manual binding machine., Model BC-270, Serial No. 28022, Year 2004, 220V, Speed 500 cycles per hour, format 320 x 320 MM.

HARRIS Magnetronic Guillotine, Model CS46A, Serial No. 152, Year 1985, 220V, 46” maximum cutting capacity.

ITOSAN Guillotine, Model QZK-1150M, Serial No. 41989, Year 2014, 220V, Maximum cutting capacity 1150 X 1150 MM, Equipped with air bed.

THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Trilateral T  Guillotine, Model QSB70A, Serial No. PQ6029, Year 2015, 220/380V, Sheet Cutting 46 x 36 cm, Speed 16 to 23 cuts per minute, Manual feed.

MULLER MARTINI Stapler with 3 double stations , Model 1509-L21, Serial No. SS, Year 1988, 220V, with additional module for cover insertion and trilateral guillotine.

MULLER MARTINI Stapler with 7 stations , Model 235-5, Serial No. 931752-A657, Year 1988, 220V, with additional module for cover insertion and three-sided guillotine.

GAMMERLER TRIMER sheet refining system, Model RS 114/530, Serial No. SS, Year 2000, 220/440V, Cutting size 530 x 530 MM.

XINXIANG BOX MACHINARY 9 jaw book binding machine, Model E-BOOK ZXJD370, Serial No. 20151668, Year 2015, 220/380V, Speed from 1000 to 3600 books per hour, With 6 double binding stations, Includes automatic sorting machine model PYG470T.

NEWS KING rotary printing machine, Model KING PRESS KJ8, Serial No. P2680-1.F21C2-9-89 CM-1000, Year 1978, 220V, Composed of 3 reel holders, and 5 printing units of 2 colors per unit, 24 3/4“ x 36” plate, powered by 100 hp electric motor, speed 20,000 impressions per hour.

MAN ROLAND Printing Machine (Flatbed Press), Model R305 N 5/0 1/4, Serial No. 28605B, Year 2000, 220V, Composed of 5 printing units, speed of 10,000 prints per hour, Format 52 x 74 cm, Operation console and electric control panel.

MAN ROLAND rotary printing machine, Model CROMOMAN 45, Serial No. 11163, Year 1999, 400V, Composed of 1 reel stand, 4 printing units, Tec drying oven, Chill Roll cooling, anti-static silicon, 8-page tabloid format folder, 58 cm cut, includes register punch and plate bender (commercial machine).

MAN ROLAND rotary printing machine, Model UNISET 60, Serial No. 11191, Year 2000, 400V, consisting of 5 reel holders, 8 printing units divided into 4 of 2 colors per unit, 2 Thermofoil drying ovens, Chill Roll cooling, anti-static silicon, includes register punch and plate bender (semi-commercial machine).

CMM Gas Afterburner Furnace, Model ND, Serial No. RTO-10000-M95, Year ND, 440V, Gas fired with 30” exhaust fan, 100 hp motor, Gas burner furnace and stacks.

CRON Plate Processor (CTP Film Processor), Model TP-4648E, Serial No. CT014P810300Z, Year 2015, 220V, Resolution 2500 lines.
CREO Plate Processor (CTP Filmmaker), Model TSM, Serial No. NM328, Year 2005, 200-240V, Resolution 1250 lines.

AGFA Plate Developing Machine, Model ELANTRIX 125SX, Serial No. AK21908D, Year 2014, 208-230V, Cleans excess emulsion from printed plates.

HAASE Plate Baking Machine, Model 0G15, Serial No. 3394, Year 2006, 400V, Heating capacity 14.4 kilowatts, used to harden the emulsion of the plates.

HEIDELBERG, Model ND, Serial No. 39309-X, Year ND, 220-380V, With 1.5 kw electric motor.

EMSA Oil-filled power transformer, capacity 750 kVA , Model ND, Serial No. ND, Year ND,  400V secondary current.

PGE STAKER Stacker, Model PGE-DBSS-1-200, Serial No. S/N, Year ND, 220V, with presser and strapping machine.

Lot of 2 BVS Pneumatic Ink Pumping Systems, Model Nd, SS Series, please inspect.
Lot of 2 BVS Pneumatic Ink Pumping Systems, Model Nd, SS Series, please inspect.

Lincoln Pneumatic Ink Pumping System, Model Nd, SS Series, please inspect.
Cascade Clamp type coil loading attachment, Model 25F-RCF-04A, Serial No. PTL1262233-2R1, Maximum load capacity 1133 kg.

CM LODESTAR hoist, maximum load capacity 1 ton, 220V, not include support beam, please inspect.

TOC UV ink curing and drying system, Model Offset Web, Serial No. SS, Year 2014, 400V, Consists of 4 x 38” x 300 watt UV units.
JOINPACK Strapping machine (plastic strapping) , Model PC-101, Serial No. 117031056, Year 2017, 110V, Maximum capacity 50 kg.

UNISET Strapping machine (plastic strap) , Model ND, Serial No ND, Year ND, 110V, Max. capacity 50 kg.

Braunker Floor Scale, Model 350, Serial No. 964175, Year ND, 110V, Maximum capacity 1 ton.

Challengue Electric Pedestal Paper Punch, Model E, Serial No. 16860, Year ND, 110V, Please inspect.

Foellmer desktop electric paper punch, Model ND, Serial No. ND, Year ND, 110V, without nameplate, please inspect.

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